Martini Band Brisbane

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Suave. Experienced. Friendly.

Featuring the radiance of a selection of Queensland's finest corporate musicians, Martini will captivate and charm you and your guests with an unmatched creative flair, seamless transition between many musical styles and fun, engaging stage presence. 

In leading the band, Row couples her dynamic vocal range and tonal dexterity with a naturally captivating stage persona which, together, deliver a vocal artist who is inviting, intriguing and flexible. Joining Row, Stephen masterfully marries a rare gift of exceptional guitar playing with a keen ear for sublime musical choices, and then adds smooth, versatile vocals to round out the front end of Martini. From there, each musician in the band has been hand-picked for his unique gift of musical prowess, long-standing industry experience and personable nature, combining to make a Martini event a truly world class musical affair. 


With many decades' specialist wedding and corporate event experience between them, a wide repertoire spanning musical styles from jazz to easy listening, groove to party classics, dinner to top 40, Martini are always the crowd favourite, as they finely cultivate the perfect ambience for every style of event. Available in whichever combination you desire, from solo to 10 piece, this band are polished, friendly and focussed on creating the ultimate night to be remembered. 

"Sunday Morning"Martini 2 Vocals & Guitar, featuring Steve and Row
00:00 / 01:58
"Reminiscing"Martini 3 Vocals, Guitar & Keys, featuring Steve, Row and Micky
00:00 / 02:07
Gling and Row Chill SoundbitesMartini 2 Vocals & Guitar, featuring Gling and Row
00:00 / 03:51
"Twist and Shout"Martini 3 Vocals, Guitar & Keys, featuring Steve, Row and Micky
00:00 / 01:42